Apply to be Space Club FUTA next President


The University Space Club has grown tremendously in the past few years, from increased international events and Recognition to new collaborations. This growth is supported by intensive work of the Executive Team, which is currently looking for new leadership. Be a part of shaping the future of our organization, while growing your space network and working on your leadership skills!!!


  • Lead the activities of the club, and coordinate the recruitment of team members as necessary
  • Coordinate and supervise Space Club fundraising and partnership activities, providing the overview of potential opportunities to the Space Club Directors

  • Work closely with the Executive Directors of CESRA to take the lead in developing and maintaining the overall Organization

  • Coordinate all activities of the Club – from training, to organization and maintenance

  • Organize and attend all Space Club Activities

The President will work closely with the co-Coordinator of the team under the direct supervision of the CESRA Directors.


  •  Membership in Space Club
  • Must Be in 200 level, 300 level or 500 level. Only 100 level and 400 level students are not eligible
  • Good Leadership Skills
  • Ability to respond quickly and efficiently to emails
  • Experience with project management and task scheduling
  • Awareness of international cultural cooperation principles, concepts and techniques
  • Be a team player and ability to work in a international team setting
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Familiarity with the Space Club mission and its objectives
  • Strong working knowledge of computer applications
  • Professional Fluency (Speaking, Reading, and Writing) in Englis
  • Experience with fundraising for non-profit organisations is desirable
  • Understanding of the global space sector landscape is preferred but not necessar
  • Must be able to declare any conflicts of interest should a situation arise


  • opportunity to network with space industry professionals, academics, and organisations
  • opportunity to enhance his/her leadership, business development and management skills, and grow their skill sets to work with an international, interdisciplinary, and multicultural team.
  • Opportunity to be nominated for Scholarships and Grants
  • be the face of the Club


To apply please send an email with subject heading: [LAST NAME, President] with the following:

  1. Resume (with headshot and date of birth) (2 pages maximum)

  2. Endorsement letter from two Space Club Alumni
  3. Letter of Intent, detailing your suitability for the role (1 page maximum)

All applications should be emailed to

Only complete applications will be considered. Application closes on November 15, 2016